We specialize in PLC programming, HMI and SCADA programming. Industrial Automation and Control Systems Design. With many years of experience in the Dairy, Food and Beverage Industry, Process Control, Mining and Materials Handling we are well suited to handle small, medium and bigger projects.

PLC Programming

PLC and PAC (Process Automation Controllers)

PLC and PAC programming is our core strength. Our engineers can program industrial automation systems from a single micro-controller to plant wide multi-controller applications. We pride ourselves on utilising modern PLC programming techniques and tools. Our methodology allows us to work with clients to develop Functional Specifications which defines control system requirements and form an integral part of acceptance tests and commissioning.

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SCADA Programming

We use Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) technology to provide operators and supervisors with more informed and efficient production control. For management and maintenance, we provide real-time and historical data, such as production rates, downtime, maintenance and fault records. Historical trending targets the information monitoring product quality. Alarm and event logging data can be later analysed resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

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Process Control

Process Automation Controllers

We use the latest technology and software to achieve better and more accurate process control. We adopted Rockwell Automation® PAC (Programmable Automation Controllers) and Library of Process Objects (PlantPAx and GEMS) as part of our standard offering to chemical, food and beverage, mining and oil and gas industry. To reduce the on-site commissioning cost and time required we utilise real-time simulation techniques and tools.

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