PLC Programming and Industrial Automation Services

About Us

Experienced Control Systems Engineers

Industrial Automation Specialists have been active in the Industrial Automation field for over 30 years. We have succesfully copleted projects for Beverage, Food and Dairy, Chemical, Oil and Gas, Mining, Power Generation and FMCG industry.

To satisfy Beverage, Food and Dairy industry requirements we have used Rockwell Automation® PAC (Programmable Automation Controllers) and Library of Process Objects (PlantPAx and GEMS)

We have designed Control Systems and programmed a wide variety of purpose built machines, conveying systems for pallets, cases and cans and bottles. On number of projects Industrial Automation integrated complete bottling and canning lines for wine and beverage industry. Those included presurless combiners, fillers, corkers, packaging machines, palletisers and depalletisers.

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What We Offer

PLC Programming

This is the very core of our capabilities We can work with your preferred equipment or recommend suitable solutions and platforms. We can program old and new PLCs from the leading brands like:

We have used following HMI and SCADA products:
Automation Services
Project management and execution:
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"Gold Peg International design and manufactures industrial food processing equipment in Melbourne, Australia. Our equipment is in daily use in large multi-national companies in the Americas, Japan, Australia, Asia and Europe. Gold Peg is renowned for innovative food processing technology strongly supported by our state-of-the-art control and information management system. Derek of Industrial Automation Specialists Australia has provided Gold Peg with additional programming services both locally and on-site at the clients’ facility overseas. The services provided seamlessly integrated with our existing structure and complemented the operation of our hardware and level of technology. He is very well respected by all our staff and clients alike.

We strongly recommend Industrial Automation Specialists to deliver superior programming service as part of a team or as a solo representative of your company."

Simon Donnelly

Managing Director, Gold Peg International

"After working together for more than 10 years I strongly recommend Industrial Automation Specialists. Job was always done on time and customer satisfied with results."

Dennis Paul
Director, All Things Conveyors